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We are a manufacturer of a patented screw with an internal thread Ebolt, the sole distributor for
Europe Eastern Australian company D&D Technologies and the English company Interclamp.
Ebolt is a patented screw with an internal thread for permanent fixing objects with small-diameter
mounting holes on facades insulated with styrofoam. Ebolt is used for assembly: monitoring systems,
lamps, shutters and others.

D&D Technologies design and manufacture top quality latches and self-closing hinges. This includes a
range for the home, made from polymer, with stainless steel components and everlasting magnets to
make their products the most secure and longest lasting on the market.

Interclamp is a versatile range of quality galvanised malleable iron pipe fittings with a multitude of
uses. Designed for easy, simple and fast erection of rigid structures by hand with the minimum of
tools, Interclamp is a cost effective, efficient system, particularly compared with traditional methods of
construction such as welding, where specialist tools and extensive training and experience are